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Program Administration

Administrative & Financial Responsibility – We assume full responsibility for the food program.

Enrollment & Income Forms – We ensure that each form contains all required information and accurately categorize it according to income.

Menu Planning and Meal Procurement – Provide assistance with cost management as well as ways to provide advice to increase enrollment for the centers.

Meal tracking and Planning – The software access for the centers help in efficiently track meal service attendance and menu production records on a daily basis.

Claim Process – Assist and guide every step-in claim process and send reimbursements to centers directly through direct deposit or check.

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Let us come to you! Our experienced staff are available to provide on-site Training and support.

Annual Training

Civil Rights Training

Menu Planning, Meal Count & Record Keeping

Software Training & Support

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Monitoring and technical assistance for the centers to ensure that all CACFP guidelines are followed.

Visits and Review –Site visits on regular basis and assist in TDA Audits

Compliance – Ensure that the centers are in compliance with the CACFP Rules and Regulations

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We want to provide you with every possible necessity to make your business run smoothly.

Technical assistance – Assist centers in maximum food program participation.

Online and Onsite Support.

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